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Welcome to the site of Magnetic Giraffe, we are Bill Cargill and Lucio Celomundo, we specialise in postproduction and production sound for film, documentaries TV, animation and videogames, we are a two person crew based in London, UK and Helsinki, Finland. We do sound design, editing, recording and mixing. We can even do music.

Every job is different and we price accordingly, please either phone or email and we'll get back to you with advice and a quote.

10+ years of SOUND experience

More than 10 years working with sound and music. From music playing and music production to working with sound in audiovisual projects

Creative and Flexible

We try to think out of the box, trying to always come up with fresh and new ideas for our projects!

Passionate about our job

We love what we do and we want to keep learning and improving, give us a challenge!

Our Latest Project!

Bill Cargill from Magnetic Giraffe recently completed music and sound design for the animation "The Follies of M" by Dashiell Silva. The film has been selected for the KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival 2016 and the Chico Animation Festival, California!

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What we offer

Magnetic Giraffe aims to provide audio solutions for any type of media production - FILM, ANIMATION, TV, VIDEOGAMES, DOCUMENTARIES ETC. at any stage from microphone to speaker. Whether it's recording, editing, mixing, sound design or music composition, all these elements contribute to a great project and we bring our enthusiasm and experience to each.


From lazer guns to bubble-flowers we love to create sounds for strange worlds, strange creatures or just to support the audio-visual narrative. Enhancing scenes with Foley recording is sometimes more appropriate and can often be just as creative.


Production audio from multiple takes needs careful editting when compositing and requires attention to detail. Cleaning noisey recordings can be vital at this stage and we use the latest digital technology.


Capturing high quality audio is a combination of experience and good equipment. Assessing the sonic qualities of a location in order to best record in it using the appropriate tools be it boom, wireless, mixers and recorders.


Bringing together the various elements of your project in a mix needs to be specific to the media, whether for theatres, internet, mobile devices or home cinema. We have mixed a variety of projects from cinematic Dolby Atmos to smart phone apps.

ADR / Voiceover

We have the facilities to record voices whether it's dialogue replacement in synch with image or simply for use as voiceover or FX. We can process the recordings to best fit the onscreen environment or mood of the scene.


Any production will benefit from original music, we love to make music and have composed and produced for different projects ranging from films, animations and video games.

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We are based in London, UK and Helsinki, Finland

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Magnetic Giraffe aims to provide audio solutions for any type of media production