The Conversations Trailer by Haider Zafar and Marcus Flemmings

Elatt College Promo by Jos Argyle

Wonder Wizards by Unanico

Traficantes de Ternura by Luis Celomundo

I Orange by Jos Argyle

Geoluread by Bill Cargill and Laura Phillips

Portable Places by Jan Honza Turnovsky

Orange War By Clara Rodríguez Puig

Fleischmaschine By Johannes Sambs

Braun Advert by Braun

Gordon's Dry Gin Advert

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  • Music Composition.
  • Electronic Music
  • Sound Design
  • Film
  • Vidogames
  • Animation

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Magnetic Giraffe aims to provide audio solutions for any type of media production

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Useful Links about Sound

  • Paul Virostek's Site about creative sound recording Creative Field Recording .
  • A Sound Effect, a site where you can find independent sound libraries and information about sound FX's creation techniques A Sound Effect .
  • Sound Works Collection is a site with videos showing the sound making-off from various movies Sound Works Collection .
  • Designing Sound, is a resource dedicated to the art and technique of sound design Designing Sound .

Useful Books about Sound